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You’re unique. Your yoga studio should be too.

You’re unique.
Your yoga studio
should be too.

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Why We Are Different

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner…looking for a challenging workout or deep relaxation…we have yoga for everybody.

Variety of Options and Styles

Class Sizes from 4 – 18 People
2  Beautiful Studios

30+  Weekly Classes

20+  Instructors

Free  Child Care

Free  Mediation Classes

Free  Philosophy and Dharma Classes
Teacher Certification Trainings
Established 2005

Is yoga a workout?

This is a common question for people that lift weights or do group fit class like kick box, trx… the answer is yes, it is, that is depending on the class you select.

What is the prerequisite to yoga?

I heard a member the other day saying they were not flexible enough for yoga. This was the craziest thing I ever heard. That’s like saying you need to be able to run a 5k before you can use a treadmill.

Is yoga difficult?

Depending on the class and mostly depending on your own effort.

Is it a religion?

Yoga is not a religion, yoga was originally developed as exercises for monks and sages so they could build strength and flexibility allowing them to sit longer for mediation.

Do I need a yoga mat?

We have them. Special clothing … not really, the idea is to have something that fits so when your moving you don’t have to keep arranging your clothing.

Is yoga easy?

Yoga can be very gentle (easy) and restorative.

Do I have to be an expert?

Almost every class has a mixture of this: say there are 10 people in class: 1 complete beginner (first time), 3 novice (0-3 months), 4 regulars (1-2 yrs.), 2 advanced (2-5 yrs.)


Have you ever seen yoga on tv or taken a normal class? …that is Vinyasa (body movement to your breath). downdog to warrier 2 to triangle to half moon… depending on the instructor, this yoga can be gentle or advanced, slow moving or quick, poetic or engineered, holding poses or flowing and everything in-between. 

Activity: medium
Relaxation: medium
Prerequisite: basic understanding of yoga


Power Hot Yoga

Like the heat? Like to sweat and work hard? Looking for a challenge? This yoga keeps moving while focusing on muscular engagement. Poses are accessible to all, but physically challenging. Its Fun.

Activity: high
Relaxation: low
Prerequisite: want a physical challenge


Yoga For Your Back

Gentle and restorative. Poses are held for several minutes while comfortably supported using blankets, blocks, and other props. Designed to relieve back tension and bring your body back to its natural alignment. This class is open for all, regardless of experience or fitness level. Every pose provides deep inner openings using precise alignments.

Activity: low
Relaxation: high
Prerequisite: ability to get up and down from the floor yourself


Bikram Hot Yoga

Sauna and steam rooms sound inviting, like consistency and structure. Want to challenge your mind over matter? This yoga is a static style… you come into a pose, hold it, and then come out. 26 poses in the same order, every class, 110 degrees… how quickly you will notice your body change.

Activity: high
Relaxation: low
Prerequisite: like it really hot


Gentle Vinyasa

Moderate pace creates an accessible environment for students with less yoga experience. Gentle yoga is a midway between restorative and regular vinyasa. You sweat in a few poses and not at all in others; staying in a pose long enough to enjoy, but that you are not pushing yourself to hard.

Activity: medium low
Relaxation: medium
Prerequisite: interested in learning yoga



Have you ever had back pain? Want proven time tested results? This yoga is truly restorative. All poses are supported (AKA blanket yoga) If you looked into one of these classes, you would see people lying on the floor “doing nothing.” These yoga systems are designed for 2 things… to release tension around your spine and bring you body awareness…. That’s it… 

Activity: low
Relaxation: high 
Prerequisite: ability to get up and down from the floor yourself



Intense, detailed, precise movements. These flows and transitions are what most yoga sequencing are designed around. Have you ever heard of a sun salutation?  Good. That’s Ashtanga. A linear path of teaching that progresses at your own development; sequentially building on poses.

Activity: high
Relaxation: low 
Prerequisite: like a physical challenge


4612 Hughesian Drive
Buckingham, PA 18912
(215) 794-3494


Our Students Love Us

“Doing yoga just one day a week can make noticeable difference”

Antonio C.

“When starting out, pick a class that fits your interest and time, try different instructors.”

Stephanie E.

“If you feel like you don’t have time to take a yoga class, that is a sure sign, a red flag from yourself, you need to.”

Jason B.

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